Alongside music and stories, we will share the wisdom of our Elders, express kindness, and explore essential ways to create health, and put health at the forefront, versus managing disease. While we learn how to determine what is urgent and important in this ever-changing time, the music community can engage people to leap, learn, laugh, and love. All funds raised go to the Unison Benevolent Fund as it urgently provides direct relief for Canadian music-makers and music professionals.

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Why the name Almighty Voices?

Almighty Voice is one of Tom Jackson’s family names.  Its Cree translation is Gitchi Manitou Wayo.  Almighty Voice was the name of his great, great, great Uncle – a youthful hero whose passion to save his family from starvation turned into tragedy and he died in battle on One Arrow Reserve, his home, and Tom’s birthplace.  Many stories and documentaries, from multiple perspectives, have been written.  Almighty Voices carries the collective will to fight for one’s family – blood or imagined.