Andrea Menard

Andrea Menard is a versatile, powerhouse performer who bridges cultural and language boundaries by speaking from her heart. Andrea’s voice is lyrical, raw, and reminiscent of the jazz and blues singers of the 1940’s, yet captures the depth, humour and wisdom of her ancestors.  She has released four award-winning albums and two made-for-television programs, debuted her own symphony show, spearheaded a positive music initiative called the Music Messengers, and has performed all over the world. This Métis Song Keeper has created life-long fans with her songs, her stories, and her message of hope.

Most of Andrea’s work can be described as a collection of uplifting songs about beauty, unity, love and remembrance. Honouring her lineage as a Song Keeper, Andrea uses her music to bring a positive message to the world. Music truly is a universal messenger that translates love into any language. With long-time producer and co-writer, Robert Walsh, Andrea creates music that is relevant to her Indigenous community and inspiring to all the Tribes of Humanity.

Guitarist/Vocalist:  Robert Walsh